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This charming mothers necklace is stacked with gold fill discs.
It's the perfect personalized gift idea for moms, grandmas and even yourself.

♥ 20 gauge gold fill discs - 1", 1/2", 3/4"
♥ 4mm swarovski beads
♥ Dainty Gold Fill Chain

Gold Filled is NOT the same as gold plated. Gold filled is much higher quality than gold plated. This is 14/20 gold filled wire. With Gold filled, 14 karat gold is heat or pressure bonded to a brass core. Gold plated is just a microscopic film. Gold Filled has a solid layer of 14 karat gold, which makes up 5% of the total weight. Because the brass core is completely layered with the 14 karat gold, it is tarnish resistant.


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