Ornate Amber Ring
Ornate Amber Ring Ornate Amber Ring Ornate Amber Ring Ornate Amber Ring Ornate Amber Ring
$ 29.99

This ornate Amber ring i sthe perfect piece for healing.

Features & Measurements:
  Bezel 17.8 x 14.8 x 3.9mm, Band width 9.5mm - Adjustable to about size 6-9
  Stone Inlay - Earrings are inlay-ed with Amber
  The Two Components Are *Joined* Using Epoxy

These beautiful rings are inlay-ed with lab crushed Amber

Amber is almost unsurpassed as a stone of healing.
This fossilized tree sap has been known since the time of the Egyptians to be a direct connection to the life force of the Universe. Amber has the ability to absorb negative energy that may be causing pain/illness and transmute it into positive energy that can heal the affected area.Those who work in Crystal Healing should always have Amber on hand and those who are suffering from ailments, or know someone who is, would greatly benefit from having Amber close to them or their loved one at all times.

Representative of the Solar Plexus Chakra, Amber can fuel your inner fire even in the darkest of times. In times of hardship or heart ache, those who keep Amber with them can keep their hope alive, their optimism flowing, and their inner sunlight shinning through.

Astrological Sign: Leo and Sagittarius
Chakra: Associated with root chakra
Balances and clears chakras and aura