Ornate Garnet Ring
Ornate Garnet Ring Ornate Garnet Ring Ornate Garnet Ring Ornate Garnet Ring
$ 29.99

This ornate Garnet ring is the perfect piece for healing.

Features & Measurements:
  Bezel 17.8 x 14.8 x 3.9mm, Band width 9.5mm - Adjustable to about size 6-9
  Stone Inlay - Earrings are inlay-ed with Garnet
  The Two Components Are *Joined* Using Epoxy

These beautiful rings are inlay-ed with crushed Garnet 

Garnet has long been celebrated by the Metaphysical community due to it's intense ability to promote healing, allow one to be grounded and unbelievably focused while in pursuit of one's dreams, and greatly increase one's ability to manifest desires.

Combining Amber and Garnet is incredibly powerful. When paired with Amber, Crystal Healers will find the effectiveness of the healing process is swift and undeniably increased. This is also very true for those attempting to stay focused on goals and speed up the process of manifestation. The ability Garnet and Amber have to ground you, align your Chakra's, and put "The Law of Attraction" into over drive is incredible.

For those who are feeling lost or "down in the dumps", Garnet is a stone you should try meditating with. It can restore your energy (sometimes eliminating the need for caffeine), increase your self love, and help you connect with your true passion in and for life.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chakra: Root