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These beautiful Blue Azurite earrings are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

Features & Measurements:
  8.2mm dia x 2.5mm - Stainless Steel Earrings
  Stone Inlay - Earrings are inlay-ed with Blue Azurite
  The Two Components Are *Joined* Using Epoxy

These beautiful earrings are inlay-ed with lab crushed Blue Azurite

No other crystal embodies the pure brilliance of blue quite like Azurite. The saturation in this stone ranges from deep "azure" blue, hence it's name, to shades of indigo and light blue as well. You will often see hints of green in this stone due to the fact that it is commonly formed with streaks of Malachite running through it. For thousands of years this stone has been coveted by royalty like the Egyptian Pharaohs, crushed into potent dye for fabrics, used as paint pigment, and as inlay in many artistic endeavors.

Metaphysical Qualities:

The rich intense vibrations of it's dark blue energy resonates to the exact energy of the third eye chakra. This beautiful stone can help to remove confusion and tension which is fantastic for clearing your throat chakra.

Azurite tempers the mind; it releases stress and confusion, and alleviates worry, indecision, and thoughts that linger in the back of the consciousness.

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra

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