Below are a few of the questions I get asked most often.
Please feel free to send me a message if your question isn't listed below!


Q. When will my order ship? 
A. My current order processing time typically runs around 7 business days. Please understand that I'm a one-woman show, meticulously handcrafting each piece and handling all aspects of the process. Crafting handmade jewelry is a labor of love, and ensuring the quality and uniqueness of each item takes a little extra time. Your patience is truly appreciated as I work to create something special just for you.

Q. Where are you located? 
A. I am located in Casper, Wyoming. 

Q. Can I return something I don't love? 
A. I provide complimentary returns and exchanges for all orders because your satisfaction is my top priority. If, for any reason, you're not delighted with your purchase, please don't hesitate to reach out to me within 14 days of receiving your order. Your happiness with the piece I've crafted for you is what matters most.

Q. I ordered something from another site and I am not happy with it. 
A. Currently, my items are for sale here on my website, MY Etsy shop, My Amazon shop, Faire & Wyoming Made. They are also available in a few locations around the U.S. If you purchased something from any of these sites, please send me a message with your order information. 

Quite a few of my items have been stolen and are being reproduced in China. They are being sold on sites like Temu and Ali Express. They are popping up on Etsy and Amazon as well. They're being sold for pennies, and the quality is rubbish. They are being made from cheap alloys that are not safe to wear. If you purchase something that looks like mine from one of these sites, I cannot replace it. What I can do is offer you a discount to purchase the original from me. Please keep an eye out for Artists who are having their art stolen from these places. 


Q. Can I see a photo of my item before it ships?
A. Unfortunately I cannot stop production to send photos of items before they are shipped. I receive too many orders to be able to do this, as it would slow down my production time drastically.
We do apologize.

Q. Can I wear my jewelry while showering, swimming, etc? 
A. I don't recommend wearing your jewelry in any water, especially anywhere near chemicals.