I LOVE creating jewelry that inspires you to live your best life!
Jewelry should be an extension of your personality and talk about WHO YOU ARE

I think a lot of times, when we're shopping for jewelry, we're looking to find something that turns us into someone else. The earrings that so and so wore, the necklace that whats her face just wore.

I do things a little differently lately and turn jewelry into who YOU are. 
I want it to reflect the every day wonders you find along the way in your day to day life. 

I'm trying to build more than just jewelry over here.
I'm trying to build how we SHOW UP IN THIS WORLD

Pure Impressions Design a Wyoming-based company that specializes in personalized hand stamped jewelry, inspirational jewelry & metaphysical jewelry.
I dabble in other types of jewelry - and I love making it all.
P.S. If you haven't found something that sets your dang soul on fire like I have here, PLEASE start searching for it. 

What started off as a way to make a little extra money, has turned into this tribe of amazing women (and a few guys hehe) that came to us to find jewelry to make themselves feel beautiful, and found something so much more. 

I'm so glad we found you!
Come on in and have a seat! 

xo, Laura