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Earth Element Ring 🜃

Calling all Earth Elements! ♉︎ ♍︎ ♑︎


The element of Earth is the sole purpose of all the elements.
It's instantly obvious that signs that belong to this element are all practical signs that value material things, work hard, and know how to make a plan and put it into action.

They all have the ability to be specific and concrete.
They can be strongly set in their ways - and have a tendency to give into an unchangeable routine for years...sometimes too scared to get out of it.

The biggest challenge Earth has to face is the recognition of something as fast, and unstable as air. 

Earthlings out of balance need to shake off their stiff habits, make changes to their life and their routine without regret.

Stop questioning every decision you've ever made. 

Wear this ring as a constant reminder to freaking RELAX (and stretch a little...how's your neck feeling??) Have a coffee break, walk aimlessly, socialize as MUCH as possible

🜃 Band measures appx. 3/8"
🜃 Saddle/front measures appx. 3/4" at its highest




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