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Aluminum Jewelry Caring Guide

Caring For Your Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that will not tarnish, or turn your skin colors. 

Keep your aluminum jewelry away from corrosive chemicals to prevent your jewelry from oxidizing and losing luster.

The darkened stamped areas can fade if your jewelry is worn while swimming, showering, washing dishes, etc. Like all jewelry, it tends to not like water. 

Adjusting your cuff bracelets

Please read this entire section before making any adjustments.

Many cuff bracelets are adjustable. They can be opened or closed up to about a 1/4 inch larger or smaller. Do not put the bracelet on your wrist and squeeze it. Squeezing the cuff puts all of the stress on the center of the bracelet and can weaken it. The types that are NOT easily adjustable are those that are made from very thick, heavy metal or those with inlaid stones across the entire front and sides. Be very careful when you adjust it so you don’t make it an odd shape or damage it. If you bend an area of your bracelet where there is a stone or inlay, you might pop out the stones.

It’s really quite simple. With the bracelet off of your wrist, encircle one hand firmly over the last stone on one end of the bracelet and make your adjustment by bending this portion of the bracelet. Bend gently and adjust a little each time. Do the same on the other side. Remember, some bracelets are not adjustable at all. Those that have stones or inlay all of the way to the ends are not considered adjustable. Those that are made of very heavy silver would be very difficult to bend and are considered not adjustable.

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