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Caring For Your Copper Jewelry

Copper is a beautiful natural material that is also affordable and has become increasingly popular in the jewelry world. It offers the trendy pink hue that people look for in rose gold without costing a fortune.

For some people, however, copper can leave a strange tint of green on your skin. This is actually normal and nothing to be concerned about health-wise. Copper reacts naturally with salty sweat and begins to develop a green patina — just look at what happened when the Statue of Liberty was exposed to all that salt water! The green stain on your wrist or finger isn’t an allergic reaction caused by copper reacting poorly with your skin, but from the patina simply staining your skin. That said, people’s reaction to copper cannot be predicted. Some people will have no problem wearing copper, and others will.

The green stains can be washed off with soap and water. Otherwise, you will notice that they are absorbed overnight by your body — again, there are no known health risks associated with this.

To maintain the pink color and shine of your copper jewelry, polish your copper pieces with the polishing pad that is included in your order. This will help to ensure the longevity of your piece by wiping away all the sweat and oils the copper jewelry has collected throughout the day.

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