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Water Element Ring 🜁

Calling all Air Elements! ♋︎ ♏︎ ♓︎

This is the element on constant movement - but slow and steady movement. 
In the element of water, we can literally deal with matters of life and death. 

Water is also the element of emotions. 
It's possibly the greatest task for all, to embrace emotion; accept the negative as much as the positive - anger as much as love. The biggest struggle is finding direction if there is no connection with FIRE. 

Fire burns bright. As a guiding light, it gives you energy, passion and direction. 

Water elements standing alone with spin in circles trying to find a way out. 
Wear this ring as bright reminder to find your fire. 

🜂 Band is appx 3/8" wide
🜂 "Saddle" is appx 3/4" tall

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