2021 Word

How would you describe 2020? Soggy french fry. Chapstick melted on your clothes in the dryer. Papercut on your tongue from licking an envelope. Fiery train wreck. Slapstick comedy. Nightmare. Violent food poisoning.

Choose your own adventure novel. Rachel’s trifle on that Friends episode.

We’re now in the 12th and final month of this messy, messy year. I deeply acknowledge the hardships people have faced in 2020. For many, it has been beyond rough. Homes and savings lost, businesses tanked, mental and physical health issues, loved ones passing, political upheaval… And it’s all “unprecedented” (to use the most overused word of the year) so we’re all walking in the dark without a flashlight, making it up as we go, doing the best we can.

Now I’d love to think we can blame all the hardships on the year, but I know that’s not true. January 1st 2021 isn’t going to be all that different from December 31st 2020. However, December 31st 2021 has the potential to be a fuck-ton different than December 31st 2020. 

Raise your hand if you get overwhelmed thinking about the state of the world. If I wasn’t typing my hand would be right up there with yours. Sometimes it seems like too much is wrong and there’s nothing we can do. When it starts to feel like that, remember, change starts within your own heart first. The most effective thing you can do is to heal and take care of yourself.

So I believe the way to close out 2020 is purposefully with a little self-reflection. Time to look inward and scrub, dust, and polish our own corners of existence. This is the healthiest and most effective way to contribute to the greater good. Work on your heart, your health, your home and all that goodness will beyond a doubt leak out into the rest of the world. 

Still overwhelmed? Remember that meaningful change happens slowly and gradually, but also, quicker than you think. It’s not realistic to lose 30 lbs in 6 weeks. 6-12 months on the other hand? Totally feasible. You wouldn’t train your dog for one day and expect them to behave like gold from then on. But with consistent training over several weeks you would see a massive improvement.

I think the best way to get your train moving in the right direction and your house in order is to come up with a word to be your theme for all of next year. Every decision you make will relate back to that word in some way. For example, last year my word was “light.” I wanted my thoughts and my workload to be lighter. I wanted to be a light to people I interacted with. I wanted to feel light on my feet. I wanted there to be a light behind my eyes. I wanted my home to feel light. Light light light. I kept this word in my heart all year and it acted as a beacon (a lighthouse if you will 😆) for tough decisions, conversations, relationships, and even decorating.

So I want to ask you to begin thinking of a word that will guide you in 2021. Over the years I’ve seen all types:


...to name a few.

Here are some guiding questions to help you hone in on your perfect word: What is it you need more of in your life? What is it that would help you become who you want to be? Come to think of it, who do you want to be in 2021?

When picking a word, there are no rules. If you want to choose two words, go for it. (Danielle LaPorte chooses 5!) If you want to use my word or someone else’s word, do it! If you want to keep thinking about it, take your time! I’ll check back in with you in a couple weeks.

Wishing you much love and joy amidst all the confusion. You got this. You are worthy. You are needed. ❤️

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