How Much Silver is in Sterling Silver?

You may have heard people use expressions like 'born with a silver spoon' or being served something on a 'silver platter.' But what about sterling silver? Those born into the cream of society back in 1600s knew that having a simple silver spoon was all it took to show they had money - real wealth. And today, we can still take advantage of this precious metal; but first you need to know how much pure silver is actually found inside sterling items and why investing in them makes perfect sense!

Silver is the bee's knees on the Period Table; its Latin symbol, Ag, quickly became a stamp of approval for durability. As soft and fragile as silver often appears when found in nature, metal alloys are one way to transform it into something that can withstand time - enter Sterling Silver! Made up of 92.5% pure silver with just 7.5% copper mixed in - our favorite shining star has become strong enough endure life’s everyday trials (especially if we're talking jewelry).

If you find yourself in the market for some precious metals, but don't want to be burned by a bad deal, look no further than your favorite trusty jeweler! Most reputable stores have hallmarks on their sterling silver items - like .925 or 'sterling' - so keep an eye out. But if it's handmade with love and not stamped at all? Don't worry; there are ways of detection that won’t break the bank (or even require any money). Try doing what I call ‘the ice test:’ place an icy cube onto said piece--if it gets cold quickly then chances are…its really made of genuine Sterling Silver. 

Sterling silver jewelry is an beautiful accessory, but keeping it gleaming and tarnish-free can be a challenge. To keep your sparkle alive (and avoid elbow grease), follow these tips:

  • stash all items away in airtight containers to ward off moisture;
  • wear regularly so the oils on your skin will act as natural protection against fading;
  • wipe down every time you remove adornments - this step alone could save hours of polishing later!
When cleaning time does come around though, there are plenty of options for getting rid of any discoloration – from traditional methods like metal polish or soft cloths to more contemporary solutions involving warm water plus dish soap.

Check out our Jewelry Care page for more information on other metals. 

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