How Passion Leads To Success

How Passion Leads To Success

There are a lot of business and life “gurus” out there with a neat little message: “Follow your passion and success will follow!” That’s not blatantly wrong, but it is a little sneaky. They happily leave out the “how” in that statement… And the how is not always pretty. So let’s take this deeper.

Passion points you to your purpose. We’ve talked quite a bit about this in our monthly e-mails and in last week’s blog post, so I’ll just briefly mention it again here. Your passion (i.e. what makes you come alive and light up) points you in the direction of your purpose. Passions are feelings that can be very powerful when you pay attention to them. But…

Without application, passion is just a feeling. You can have all the feelings in the world, but until you act, nothing will come of them. We all know the Sarah McLachlan rescue dog commercial, right? The one that makes you reallllllly feel? An example of application would be to take those feelings, and use them to motivate you to donate to a local animal shelter or adopt a homeless dog. 

Maybe you’re someone who comes alive when you’re making art. What if, instead of saying, “I sure wish I had more time for that,” you applied yourself to it?

  • Clearing two hours in your schedule every week for art.
  • Buying the supplies you need.
  • Setting up a room or a corner in your home dedicated to your art.

Once you had that going, you could be doing art regularly as a hobby, or selling your work, or teaching others how to do it. If you’re fulfilled, you can call it a success! 

Passion helps you persevere through tough times. I got pretty vulnerable in the last e-mail that went out (sign up here). Times are tough for a lot of business owners right now. This is exactly why passion is so important. Being passionate about what you do does NOT guarantee ease. Hardship is pretty much inevitable. What passion does is help you to push through. It reminds you of your “why” and gives you the energy to keep going. There will be times when you have to do unpleasant things for your purpose. Or times when it is way scarier than you want it to be. You’ll get tired and doubt may creep in. This is precisely the time to tap into that passion that lit your fire in the first place. Remind yourself of those feelings that spurred you forward and hold in your mind all the wonderful things to come. Those who can keep going will achieve success. Those who are passionate will have it in them to keep going. ❤️

So, if I were to list out the steps to get from Passion to Success, I think it would look like this:

  • Notice your passions.
  • Let them lead you to your purpose.
  • Take the necessary steps to live out your purpose.
  • Use that passion to fuel yourself even when times are tough.
  • Enjoy your successes when you come through the tough times. You will if you keep going!

  • Passion is fuel, and you were meant for amazing things! Trust your heart.

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