How Understanding Yourself Helps Make Life Better

This whole month has been about Self Understanding. Why did we pick this as a theme? Because it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. So many of us wander aimlessly through life, making decisions we regret, getting wrapped up in drama, accepting treatment we don’t deserve, and really feeling hopeless. Learning to decode who you are unlocks so many doors to joy and peace.

We’ve spoken in depth about this all month in our weekly love letters and introduced it in our last blog post. Gaining an understanding of your character, personality, choices, body, needs, and desires will turn you into the best advocate for yourself you could possibly be. 

After yourself, the people you engage with regularly should have the best understanding of what you need. AND, it is your job to teach it to them. If you have a solid understanding of yourself, it is much easier to express it to others.

As usual, I’ve got examples for some different categories.

Family Life: Anna likes quiet mornings. In fact, she needs them. When she has time to wake up slowly and organize her thoughts, she feels much more clear-headed and prepared for the day. Because she knows this about herself, she can explain it to her husband. He agrees to not bombard her with questions or logistics first thing in the morning. They make a plan together for Anna to wake up early enough to give herself a little time to meditate or journal, then they get the kids ready together. If she didn’t understand this need within herself, she and her family would have a lot of stressful, frantic mornings.

Friendships: Jessica has a demanding job that takes her on the road a lot for work. She loves her friends, but doesn’t get to see them as often as everyone who stays in town for work. She loves her job and her friends, AND knows herself well enough to understand she can’t stretch too thin to please everybody. Because of this, she is able to clearly and calmly explain to her friends that she cares for them very much, but also needs their understanding about her busy work schedule. Because they are good friends, they understand when she needs to leave the party early, or takes a raincheck on the plans.

Work: Lara is a procrastinator. She always has been. She has taken the time to do a deep dive into understanding this aspect of herself. She’s realized that she actually performs a little better under pressure, so she is ok with the procrastination. However, her boss and coworkers have a hard time understanding this. Because of what Lara understands about herself, she can work to find the right balance of being responsible and not missing deadlines, AND allowing her creative process to be what it needs to be.

Home: Kerry is apartment shopping. One building has a lot of planned events for residents, a centralized barbecue area, and lots of friendly folks out walking their pets who waved and asked her about herself when she was there for a viewing. Another building has private balconies, no central activity area or fliers about community events up, and the residents seem to mostly keep to themselves. Kerry can make the best decision about which apartment to take based on her understanding of herself. As an introvert, she opts for the second option and is very happy to have a quiet oasis to live in.

Health: When you know what’s normal for your body and mind, it is much easier to help explain to health professionals when something goes wrong. All of a sudden, Amanda, feels fatigued and grumpy. She knows herself well enough to understand this is out of the ordinary. Because of her self understanding, she can speak to a doctor sooner than later, and describe her symptoms in detail. From there, they can decide next steps together.

Are you seeing how all this self understanding business turns you into the best defender, protector, and supporter of YOU? We highly recommend taking the time to learn what you need, so that you can go out there and live your best life with your family, friends, work, and body. You really, truly deserve it. ❤️

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