Intentional Living: Stand for Something!

What do you stand for? The first time I was asked that question, it caught me off guard.

“Um, me? Gosh, I don’t know. I’m just out here trying to survive!” Honestly, for the early part of my life, I hadn’t ever felt the need to stand for anything – I didn’t have the foggiest idea about intentional living. Sure, I tried to be nice, paid my bills, and considered myself a good person… but no one would say I was based.

It was only after my life got flipped – turned upside down in a divorce that I started to understand the importance of figuring out what I stand for. See, I had just drifted into a marriage, a job, and a friend circle… none of which were right for me. This happened because in my immaturity, I had no idea what I stood for! I didn’t know what I wanted/needed in a partner. It never occurred to me that I should set some standards for my job. And no one had ever told me that I didn’t have to hang out with assholes! For years, I ignored politics, got hooked on many, many TV shows, and kept my views narrow. When my tiny little world crumbled, I wasn’t standing on very solid ground.

Luckly, I figured some things out. I figured out what I stand for: Love, compassion, justice, learning, the planet, and more. (Not saying you have to stand for the same things. In fact, come up with your own!) Learning what I stand for made decisions much, MUCH easier. It reduced the amount of overthinking I did. It gave me more confidence as well. Standing for something woke me up from the trance of doing what I was told my whole life and made me start living. Really living.

Once I got on the personal development train, one of the best tools I learned was setting a Word of the Year. Doing so helps you keep focused, reminds you of your magic, and acts as a big container for all your smaller goals and intentions. 

Word of the Year Examples:









Any of those strike a chord for you? If so, feel free to use it! If not, come up with your own word. (We are walking our e-mail list through this process right now. Sign up if you want to be a part of these love letters!) Post your word everywhere. Put it on your phone’s lock screen. Write it on the bathroom mirror. Remind yourself of what you stand for.

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