The Subscription Box is HERE!

You guys have been requesting a subscription box for years and they're finally here!
Your monthly magic box will be curated each month to remind you that you're made of magic.
We've decided to theme it to our monthly themes from our weekly emails.
If you're not subscribed to our weekly love letters, you're in for a treat.
Each month we pick a topic (we send our 2 surveys a year asking for topic ideas, or things you're struggling with.
We send out emails weekly, diving deep into those topics with ideas and suggestions on how to get through them. Sometimes they're thick in the muck of things (forgiveness), and sometimes they're a little more fun.
If you're not signed up for the weekly love letters, you can sign up for those here!
You'll also get access to our FB group!
Here you'll find a group of amazing humans who are working on the same things we're dealing with each month.
Everything in the monthly boxes will be themed to that month's topic.
Inside each box you'll find:
  • A unique piece of jewelry not available for sale anywhere else.
  • A beauty find to help make you feel like magic.
  • A delicious tea of some sort
  • A magical treat of some sort
  • Your monthly mini coloring page
  • You monthly affirmation card
  • Stickers!
  • Sometimes we'll add in extras too!
We'll include self-care items, personal items, and stationery items.
All changing monthly.
We'll open orders for these on the 25th of each month.
Order anytime between the 25th - 1st.
Once your payment is received, your box will be shipped the 5th-10th via USPS.
Orders placed AFTER the 1st will be for the next month's box.
Because this is our first drop, we're opening it early.
So go grab yours NOW! <---click that link
There's only going to be 20 available this month. Don't miss out!
Please note:
Sometimes the monthly jewelry product will be earrings. We understand that not everyone has pierced ears. Not all of our earrings can be created for non-pierced ears. If  this is the case, we hope you can find someone to gift them to. 
Girl picking up subscription box Girl Holding Subscription Box Girl Opening Subscription Box
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