Tips for Valentine's Day Jewelry

Alright friends Valentine's Day is coming up, quick. 
We're here to help you think of ideas of what to get your significant other. 
Here's a few tips to help you figure it out.

What metal do they like? 
Do they like silver? Gold? A mix of both? 
Some people really don't like wearing gold tones. I disliked it until I was in my 30's. (I honestly don't know why.) Make sure to observe any accessory-loving diva carefully. Is the metal an eye catching silver or a dazzling gold? Don't ask directly - you may catch them off guard and make it obvious that your compliments are more about sleuthing than flattery. If they get defensive, just throw out some well placed praise as bait – like ‘that necklace looks great with your skin tone ’– until eventually revealing its true identity… is this platinum we see before us??

Size Matters
I have a sneaky way to get a ring size if you can get ahold of a ring that already fits them. There's a magical little app I'll link you to. Here's the Apple app, and here's the Google App . It's pretty easy to use, just follow the instructions. 

What length? Again, Size Matters.  
Shopping for the perfect necklace gift? Necklaces are an easy gift. Whether your special someone likes to keep it close or let her neckline do all the talking, finding a chain length that fits is essential. Measure one of their existing pieces (without getting caught!) and check out what they wears - where does the top line land on her chest? Or if you're still unsure, an adjustable necklace will never disappoint! 

Shopping for jewelry can seem daunting, but if you pay close attention to your S.O and their likes/dislikes, the perfect gift will become crystal clear - it's like a love language fluency test!

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