Unveiling the Power of Core Values: A Guide to Living Authentically

Unveiling the Power of Core Values: A Guide to Living Authentically

Hey there, friends!

Ever feel like the world's just way too loud, and you're scrambling around trying to figure out which way is up? I totally get it. Searching for that "true north" in the chaos is like trying to find the last slice of (dairy-free if you're me) pizza—practically a mission impossible. But here's a little secret I've stumbled upon: it's all about sticking to your core values.

Think of core values as your own personal theme tune. They're the silent cheerleaders in your life, nudging you this way and that, making sure you don't end up in weird places (unless weird’s your thing, and that’s cool!). They’re like the GPS for your soul, keeping you on track with who you truly are. And when you walk that talk, oh boy, does it feel good!

This little chit-chat we're having? It's your invitation to a party where we get to the heart of what makes you, well, you. We're gonna play some games like '20 Questions' with our inner selves to figure out our core values. And trust me, living by those truths doesn't just spark joy for you—it sends out vibes that could just upgrade the universe a notch or two.

Ready to jump in? Rad, ‘cause here we go!

What are core values, anyway?

Imagine them as the 'why' behind your every 'what.' They're the secret sauce to your decisions, your conversations, and how you show up in pixel and print. Your core values are like those favorite jeans that fit just right—they’ve seen you through thick and thin, and they're woven from all your life's adventures.

My personal values are family, integrity, growth, and benevolence.
For my business, integrity, kindness, and inspiring others guide us.

Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Early 2020, we were this close to opening a brick-and-mortar store. But then, “family” popped up like a beacon, and we realized this new venture meant missing out on family game nights and road trips. Nope, not happening! Family first, store second. That little moment of truth steered us away from becoming physical shopkeepers.

You want some of this magic?

Finding your core values is like going on a treasure hunt within. Start by hitting the pause button on the daily grind to mull over what jazzes you up. Grab a notebook and jot down your happiest moments—and the not-so-happy ones too. Peek at the patterns that show up; they're the map to your treasure.

Admire someone? Great! The stuff you dig about them is a massive hint about your own values. Are they creative? A possiblitarian? A change-maker? Snag those traits like they're going out of style and weave them into your life’s tapestry.

Using your core values to guide your everyday choices is like adding a sprinkle of fairy dust to your decisions. Picking an option that makes your inner compass do a happy dance means you're living your truth. If honesty is your jam, it means choosing to be straightforward, even when it’s tough. Is kindness your vibe? Then maybe it's buying coffee for a stranger or lending an ear.

Friends, knowing your core values is like having a backstage pass to the most exclusive gig in town—living a life that's 100% authentically yours. It's all about dancing to your own beat and being the lead character in your own epic story.

Catch you on the flip side!

P.S. Keep your head high, your values front and center, and never forget that every little choice you make is a step towards turning your dreams into your days. Keep shining, you crazy diamond! ✨

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