Why I love Mountain Jewelry

Why I love Mountain Jewelry

The beauty of nature is so magical that it attracts us all. The sight of the mountains, and the sun shining through the trees can make me sit for hours in awe. The natural beauty of such places is soothing to the soul, and I often find myself inspired to make mountain jewelry that reminds me of those times. I don't think that it's just jewelry, but a feeling that relieves the soul. It includes pieces of the places around us that allow us to take nature with us wherever we go.

My handmade mountain jewelry is made to be unique, and each piece often tells a story of a particular place I've been (or want to go). The use of different metals, such as sterling silver, copper, and gold lets you envision the different colors you'd find in nature. Unlike a lot of other jewelry, mountain jewelry has a deep emotional connection with nature, and its unique symbolism makes it stand out from our other jewelry.

Mountain jewelry is often rich in symbolism, which carries its meaning. Mountains symbolize strength and endurance. Trees symbolize growth and rootedness. The sun symbolizes a new day, hope, and warmth. Animals, such as moose and bison, represent strength, determination, and tenacity. The combination of such symbols encourages us to embrace nature in our everyday lives and to incorporate the lessons of nature into our personalities.

When I wear a piece of mountain jewelry, I feel a connection to nature. It reminds me of that camping trip last summer with my friends, that hike in Jackson Hole with Ben that had the most amazing lake view at the top, or the sunset we sat and watched on the beach in Florida. Mountain jewelry is more than just an ornament; it's a keepsake that bridges the gap between the material and the natural world. It's a way to keep nature close to us, even when we're not in its presence.

Please keep in mind that it takes a lot of effort and time to create each piece. I've had a lot of copycats lately selling pieces that look like mine that have been mass-produced in China. Each of my pieces is crafted with love and care here in Wyoming, and this is reflected in the final product. You're supporting a small business when you purchase from me, and I appreciate you for it. 

Go check out all of my Mountain Jewelry here. 
Below are a few of my favorite pieces. 

Turquoise Mountain Necklace 
 Mountain Range Earrings 
 Mountain Sunset Range
Mountain Range Necklace   Mountain Range Ring  Moose Necklace


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