Happy April!

Hi friends, Laura here.
I thought maybe we'd try to do a monthly breakdown each month, so you know what's happening. Because honestly? Things are getting a little crazy around here, and I know it's super hard to keep track of.

But, I also made you a calendar page so you can go check things out when you want. Check the calendar out here. 

This month our topic is Self-Confidence.
It's an interesting topic for a few reasons.
One....is that you can have great self-confidence, but lousy self-esteem (like me...hey I'm working on it.)

So the line up looks a little like this for April.
If you're not signed up for the newsletter, you're not going to get any of the stuff below..just sayin' But you can sign up here.

This week, I'm shipping out your Monthly Magic Subscription box.
If you're not signed up, go do it. You're seriously missing out.
Last month our subscribers got a rad spinner ring, the month before that, a unique inspiration cuff, and the month before that, a beautiful tiger eye ring.
The jewelry I put in each box will literally never be sold, so you'll be one of a few people that has that unique piece.
We also include a tea in each box, a special snack or treat, and a beauty item. Sometimes we throw in a few extras, like in February we added a little journal and a cute pen that went along with the journaling theme. So, SIGN up now. You can pause, or skip or cancel your membership at ANY time.
Go here to sign up for yours. 

We'll send out our weekly emails every Tuesday morning talking all about self-confidence. What it is, why it's important, how to work on it, getting out of your comfort zone, etc.

On the 6th, Bri is teaching Art Journaling down at the shop. 
6th & Durbin! 

On the 8th, you'll get an email with a coupon code for our EARLY Mother's Day sale event that only subscribers get to be a part of.
It's usually a better deal than our regular sale too. Shhhh. 

On the 11th, we'll update you with another blog about why self-confidence is important.

On the 14th, our regular Mother's Day Sale starts. It will go until April 24th.
All Mother's Day orders must be placed by April 24th for guaranteed delivery for Mother's Day (domestic only, sorry!)

On the 13th, we're celebrating Whitney's BIRTHDAY! 
And we're celebrating Funky Junk's 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!
I'm pretty sure everything in the shop is going to be 20% off. We'll have cake and snacks, and music. I really hope you'll join us! 6th & Durbin! 

On April 16th, Cassie is hosting a Tea Party down at the shop. 
Go check out her entire selection of teas. My FAVORITE is her Crimson Dawn. 
6th & Durbin! 

If you're local, on the 20th I'll be teaching a class down at the shop at 5:30
You can sign up here:
6th & Durbin! 

The 24th is your LAST DAY to sign up for the May Subscription box.
Get it now!

You'll get another blog post on the 25th, about getting outside of your comfort zone.
(Comfort zones are beautiful, but nothing grows there friends)

And on the 28th?!?! We're dropping our Prairie Wife Jewelry Line!
WHAT?! Seriously, you need to be paying attention lol
Cathy and myself over at https://prairiewifeinheels.com/ have been working on a jewelry line.
And it goes live on the 28th.
I literally couldn't be more excited than I am right now.
Watch social and your emails for more info! 

So that's April!
We're hosting a fun little Mother's Day event in May too, so be on the look out! 
Sign up for the newsletter here so you don't miss out on all these exciting things!

Love you friends!
xoxo, Laura

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