The Women of Bloomfield

Back in October we had the pleasure of working with some amazing women from Michigan.

A close friend and colleague of theirs discovered she has cancer.
These amazing women pulled together and came up with a great idea for an inspiration bracelet. Over 50 women (and a few men!) in Michigan are currently sporting LORA STRONG cuffs to show their solidarity and support for their amazing friend Lora.

Inspiration jewelry can be so powerful! 

The group is “Women of Bloomfield”, it started in the 1960’s as a Welcome Wagon for exactly that, the” Women of Bloomfield”, a city in SE Michigan.

 In the 1980’s the group converted over to a non-profit organization, supporting two children’s groups.  The group holds Art & Craft Shows, Rummage Sales, Silent Auctions and a yearly Raffle ticket sale.  All profits go to supporting these two charities. Every other month, their members make dinners and take and serve the families of CARE House prior to their counseling sessions. Once a summer we attend SCAMP and help with their cook out for the group.

 One is “CARE House of Oakland County”, an advocate for the safety of Oakland County children in the prevention of child abuse and neglect through education and intervention.

 Second is “SCAMP”, who holds 5 week summer camps for special needs children.

 They try each year to raise as much as possible to help, it varies year to year depending on our success at their fund raising.

I love hearing stories about amazing people that do AMAZING things.
Thank you Women of Bloomfield, for putting your heart into something the way you have for these children's groups! ❤



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