Welcome to the Present Moment

Sit tall.  

Drop your chin.  

Close your eyes for 





*Trumpets Play*


Welcome to the Present Moment. Your mind often keeps you out of here because it’s still going over that conversation from last night or it’s fussing over what you’re doing for the rest of the day. But we sure are glad you’re here in the now! You’re in good company at this time because we’re all currently suffering from the same affliction, so it’s considered normal. Isn’t that mental?!   


 Everyone here in the Present Moment comes and goes. Some people stay for just the blink of an eye while some spend the night! The more you sit tall, drop your chin, close your eyes for three slow inhales and three slow exhales, the easier you’ll find it is to get here. You will learn the route in now time! I mean no time! Or do I….   

 The more you visit, the more luxurious you will find the amenities to be. Spontaneous joy. A positive view of your oh-so- valuable self. Liberation from the wreck that is the rollercoaster ride of second-to-second changes in the course, ripping you from zero to 100 on the emotional scale, then turning around to do it all over again. Oh, and the chocolates on the pillows are divine!   

 You’ll notice the grounds are sparse with guests right now. We designed the Present Moment to hold many more people than actually make it here. We’ve even sent out a few monks, yoga instructors, and a Pure Impressions jewelry designer who stamps “Live less out of habit and more out of intention” on rings to remind you how to get here, in the hopes that they could help recruit a few more “nowers.” Yeah, that’s what we’ve dubbed ourselves. Kinda dorky but….hey wait, now YOU’RE a nower! Do you like the name? Do you not like the name? We would love your input. It sure is great to have a magical soul like yours here for however long you’re stay. We really lucked out with you!   

 So you’ve been here a minute or two….what do you think? I personally love the feeling of physically feeling lighter. And the uncontrollable smile that comes to my face. Oh, and the release of built-up energy is top-notch! It’s really what the Present Moment is known for!   

 Oops, you’re breaking up….it appears that your mind has moved onto that email that just popped up. It’s ok! It was so nice to have you. Take care of yourself, show yourself some compassion, and come back soon! We can’t wait until you return. Now that you know where to find us.     


Mallory Pollock


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