What If Everything’s A Big Adventure?

What If Everything’s A Big Adventure?

Ok, not to start a blog post by defining a word you already know or anything…  Erm, well, fine, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Check out the definitions of adventure:

 noun: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity
 verb: engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory

The part that kinda cracks me up is the use of “exciting” and “hazardous” in the same definition. “Exciting” generally has a positive association in our language, while “hazardous” has a negative one. Let’s also note the “unusual”/”unknown” factor. Hmm. So are adventures overall a good thing or a bad thing? The dictionary doesn’t tell us that.

When the word adventure comes to mind, many of us conjure up memories of an unusual, exciting, and hazardous experience. Like, the time you decided to float the river and an hour into the float got caught in a torrential downpour (with lightning, of course). You lost a paddle and a shoe in the rough water and had to take shelter under a bridge and wait out the storm. Then, you had to make it all the way home with just one paddle and one bare foot. 

 Or, the time you decided to go on a long hike with a friend to check out some wildlife in an unfamiliar area. It was 95 degrees outside, but you were sure you had plenty of water. Somehow, you got separated from your friend and you hiked for miles in the wrong direction. Your water ran out, cell service was nada, and you ended up with heat exhaustion.

Oh, you don’t remember those? Oh -- right, they are both my memories. Obviously I made it through both situations alive since I’m here writing to you today. In each of those scenarios, there were downright miserable moments. I mean, getting beat up by an angry river or catching a heat exhaustion migraine are NO. FUN. Almost enough to make one never want to get in a raft or hike through the prairie again.

Now, brace yourself for a giant however: Moments of those adventures sucked, HOWEVER, what I gained was more than worth it. How about that giant rush of relief that came when we made it up the riverbank and into the vehicle? How about turning on the heater and laughing hysterically with my boyfriend about how soaking wet we were? How about the warm shower when we got home? How about the funny story we’d tell friends for years to come? And how about our lesson to always check the radar for storms before we go out into nature?

After I got lost, how about when the prairie cooled down and the migraine subsided… leaving me with a gorgeous sunset view? How about realizing my friend cared about me enough to wander for miles looking for me? How about learning the important lessons of carrying enough water, not straying too far from my hiking buddy, and paying attention to landmarks?

That’s a lotta how abouts. And for me, it’s enough how abouts to make those trials worth it. 

 What if everything in life is just a big adventure? What if all the difficult, painful, hazardous moments all lead to lessons, laughter, and love?

It’s interesting to talk to someone who is right in the thick of difficult times. Say, a divorce. The anger, grief, and hurt are all right there on the surface. She might say she wished she’d never gotten married in the first place. But, talk to her a year or two (or five) later. She can probably laugh about her divorce now. Maybe even express gratitude. Recite all the lessons she’s learned. Perhaps she’s in a much better relationship now, or loving the freedom of being single.  

 Ever talk to someone who got fired and is still bitter about it years later? Have you talked to someone who says getting fired is the best thing that ever happened to them? Two very different perspectives on the same situation.

Trials and tribulations change us. I’d much rather view them all as adventures and know that there are gifts on the other side of them. So, the question is, what have you gone through that was really freaking hard? Did anything good come of it? Are you going through something difficult right now? Can you see how it could all turn out in your favor? 

 I will never deny that life is hard. I will say that life is also an adventure I’m grateful for. 

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❥ Kristen

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