What sets your soul on fire?

You may have seen my post a few weeks ago with a teaser of our new logo...and maybe even noticed the new colors popping up on social.
I'm so in love with the new look and I 'm pretty sure you're going to love it too.
2020 has brought on some changes everywhere we look. It's forced me to do some deep soul searching, in just about every area of my life.
The biggest thing I've been working on is these re-brand.
My old branding was a little blah. It didn't properly express who I am, or what Pure Impressions Design truly is. I'm pretty sure the new branding does just that.
There's a whole lot of nature, and even more magic included in every aspect of it.
Our new tagline is 'handmade jewelry for the magic heart'. I know that's you ;)
Hashtag the crap out of that will ya? Every time you post one of our pieces just

As you may remember, my 2020 word was connect.
I had big plans to connect with myself this year, my family, my friends, and you.
Well the events that have changed everyone's life this year certainly forced me to change the way I had planned on connecting with everyone, including you guys.

I realized that I wasn't giving you guys everything I should be. I've been so worried about losing subscribers. Silly right? I was worried if I started sharing what I wanted to share with you all for so long, people wouldn't stick around.
I've finally decided it doesn't matter.
What sets my soul on fire? Inspiring other people to do amazing things.
I decided if I'm going to keep telling you all to do what sets your soul on fire? I should take my own advice. If my inspiration and 'go team!' attitude isn't what you signed up for? And you just came for the 50% off on your birthday? Maybe we weren't meant to be BFFs after all?

Next week I'll give you the details on what we're planning on doing so you know what to expect from us, and when to expect it.

What's all this 'WE' stuff about?

You may have also noticed that I've been saying 'WE' a lot in this email. Everyone knows it's been just me here all year long, but that's about to change. I'm excited to our newest addition to the team....Kristen! 
Kristen will be doing all of the word stuff around here. She's really good with words. Clearly...I am not. :p
She's also really good at teaching, and inspiring. She has the best laugh and the biggest heart. She'll be the voice behind your weekly emails, and most of the blog posts.
I think to properly introduce Kristen, we need to tell the story of how Kristen and I became friends.

4 years ago, I had no idea what a boundary was. I mean, sure, I'd heard people use the word, but it never really made any sense. In September of 2016, my good friend Bri said "I'm going to boundary retreat, you should come with me." So I signed up. Anyone that knew me 4 years ago, knows how big of a deal this was for me. My husband's response to me telling him, was "REALLY???" I was so dang scared to go to this. I almost backed out a few times, but ended up there in the end.

I cried in front of a lot of strangers that weekend.
I learned so much about myself. I journaled like I hadn't since I was a teenager.
I started to learn that it was okay to be vulnerable (oh...I had so much to learn about that topic - I still do)
I sat in a drum circle and sang "Brave" by Katy Perry.
I almost bought a drum that next week! I didn't end up buying a drum...but dang that song still lights my soul on fire.

My life changed that weekend. I met some seriously amazing women that are still a part of my life.
And the amazing human that put on that retreat?
That was Kristen. We became fast friends and today I can't imagine my life without her in it.
She has so much good in her soul. She is the PERFECT fit for this position.

I'm so excited for you to all see what we have planned for the coming months.
I hope you love it, and grow from it.
You're all made of magic.

xoxo - Laura

You are made of magic.
You probably need reminded of this multiple times a day....
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