Summer 2020 - Choose Joy

It was unusually hot here last week.
Normally warm weather is what I LIVE for.
Living in Wyoming, we really get about 3 months of warmth and good weather a year. This year, as the temps started rising, I was a little bummed out, instead of happy like I usually am. What's up, I thought? Then it hit me.
This summer is NOT going to be how we planned it.

I was supposed to be leaving for India soon for an amazing trip of my life. 
I'm usually scared to death to even go on a road trip by myself, and I was going to GO TO FREAKING INDIA.
My 17 year old son was supposed to be heading to Peru for a volunteer trip.
Something that would have looked so amazing on his college apps.
Something that would show him the world, and hopefully not make him end up scared like me! Something that would get him out of this little town and see a different culture and know that not everyone has it as good as we do.
But instead, we'll be staying home. 

I won't lie and say I'm not disappointed. I'm SO disappointed. I'm sad...and if I'm being honest, I'm angry. Not at anyone in particular obviously. Just angry. 
The more I made myself think about all of this, I realized I was being a spoiled brat because I have so many things to be thankful for.
I have my family all in my home with me right now, and we're safe.
We'll make our summer magical right in our own backyard.
We'll BBQ.
We'll make S'mores in our fire pit.
We'll throw beanbags at a stupid wooden thing in the lawn.
We'll make sun tea, and lemonade.
We'll plant flowers and work in the garden.
We'll go camping and hiking and maybe even fishing.
And you know what?
THIS will be the summer we remember above all of them.
Because we were TOGETHER.
And we chose JOY.
Things are freaking crazy right now. 
I know there is a lot of uncertainty outside your doorstep....heck, even INSIDE in some cases. But if we let that uncertainty start to eat at us, it's going to have a feast. So just for a little minute, remind yourself of the reasons you have to choose joy. Even if it's just a tiny little bit. 
And please be kind. There is so much HATE outside our doors right now as well.
We're better than that. Love your neighbor. Care for strangers. 


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