When the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working

When the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working

This month, our topic is The Law of Attraction. 

You’ve said your daily affirmations, you’ve visualized yourself bathing in cash, you’ve tried to be nice and positive and grateful…Yet, nothing seems to be working. This Law of Attraction crap must be a scam, because nothing is happening!

Hang on, let’s troubleshoot. There are some important pieces to the Manifestation puzzle that can’t be missed. There may be some minor tweaks you can make to get yourself back on that Attracting Greatness train.

First question:

Are you just checking boxes? If you’ve turned your manifestation techniques into a to-do list, they may have lost all their power. Saying “I’m worthy” in the mirror 10 times every morning isn’t gonna cut it. You’ve got to live it. So, start by saying “I’m worthy” in the mirror… then, dress for the day like you’re worthy. Smile at others like you’re worthy. Plan your finances like you’re worthy. Say “yes” or “no” accordingly like you’re worthy. Choose your friends like you’re worthy. Are you getting the picture? The thought is only the first step. You’ve got to keep the thought in your head all day long and use it to guide your decisions. That is when your life will begin to change.

Second question:

Have you given it enough time? I’m feeling sheepish thinking back to the day I finally decided to manifest a better love life. I blocked some phone numbers, wrote a couple hours in my journal, and decided that from then on I would not date anyone who wasn’t respectful, kind, funny, had their life together, etc. I was sure that as soon as I made up my mind, Mr. Wonderful would pop out from behind the next corner. He didn’t. The days went by, then the weeks, then the months. Finally, after THREE YEARS, he showed up. I’ve had friends wait five or ten years. (I’ve also had lucky friends who’ve only had to wait a few days.) The thing is, the Universe has its own timing. As much as we’d like to control it, we can’t. So if you’re waiting for your business to turn around, your dream vacation to happen, or whatever magical thing you have in mind, relax. Keep doing what you’re doing and surrender to the timetable that you can’t control.

Third question:

Has it already shown up? This is THE question for Over-Achievers and Perfectionists. Sometimes what we’re asking for is already right there in front of our faces. It just doesn’t look the way we thought it should. Here’s another personal example: I craved for years to have a good relationship with my mother. I was so jealous of my girlfriends who talked to their moms daily and got great advice and could tell them anything. I really tried hard to make that a reality for myself and my mother. But it just didn’t work. Until… I realized I have that exact relationship in my life with a couple other women. No, they are not my biological mother, but they are older and wiser than me. I can call them with any problem and they’ll give great, sage advice. They’re always ready with hugs or encouragement right when I need it most. The Universe didn’t give me the mother I thought I should have, but it definitely gifted me with some “mothers!” This could apply in any situation: Maybe the job you desire is the job you already have but you need to set a couple more boundaries. Maybe the Lover you desire has been sitting in front of you trying to get your attention for months. Maybe the home you desire is the home you already have, but needs a fresh coat of paint and some furniture rearranging.

So, if the Law of Attraction “isn’t working” in your life, sit with these three questions for a while. Smile to yourself with the knowledge that what you desire is zooming towards you (or already here). You are so, so worthy.

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