Pivot Into Healing

You are not too broken to heal. I said it a couple weeks ago and I’ll say it again as many times as I need to. I don’t ever want anyone to give up on themselves because they think they’ve gone too far, lost too much, or f’ed up too badly. As long as you have the ability to breathe, there is nothing you can’t come back from. Just ask a Holocaust survivor. Or someone who had been incarcerated for decades. Or a recovering addict. Or a widow who found love a second or third time. The world can seem very cold but there is also an abundance of grace and healing for those who decide they are ready to step into it.

So in our last blog post we discussed that you get to decide when to start healing. Now let’s talk about how to pivot into that healing. There is ONE especially effective tool for this kind of pivot and it’s really not a secret. In fact, it’s SO not a secret that sometimes we want to roll our eyes when we hear it suggested yet again. I get that it sounds too simple and the amount it’s brought up can seem excessive. But, my friends, GRATITUDE is where it’s at. Wait, wait, wait… stay with me! Let’s dissect this a bit and talk about how and why it works.

Did you know you are emitting vibrations at all times? You have an electromagnetic frequency. Everything does. This isn’t woo-woo spirituality stuff (although we’re not opposed to that). But for our scientific thinkers, remember that protons, neutrons, and electrons are basic building blocks of all matter. What are doctors measuring when they conduct an EKG? Literally the electrical activity of your heart. What about an EEG? Those are for measuring the electrical activity of your brain. You are constantly emitting frequency and energy, which attracts other like frequency and energy.

Ya know those days when everything seems to be going right? You wake up ready to take on the day, your hair looks awesome, food tastes good, a friend unexpectedly gifts you a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry 😉, everyone laughs at your jokes… It’s like the good grows exponentially! Then there are days where the opposite happens. You accidentally wake up late, burn your breakfast, can’t find a thing to wear, a coworker gets snippy with you, and you get a speeding ticket. Both of these are examples of how energy works. I’m definitely not saying that every bad or good thing that happens to you is 100% your fault. I am saying that as far as energy goes, like attracts like, and it snowballs. The good news is, we are not helpless. We have the ability to change our frequency.

Have you ever been steaming mad at someone and then they say something to make you laugh? Then all that anger seems to melt away? That is a change in frequency. Have you ever been at a super fun party that instantly became less fun the minute someone with a shitty attitude walked in? Also a frequency shift. When we talk about “good vibes” and “bad vibes” this is what we mean. You don’t even have to understand all the details of the science behind it to know from experience that it’s true. What does this have to do with healing and gratitude? Well, simply put, gratitude elevates your frequency. This is why it is so highly recommended by all the self-help experts. It can pull you up and out of the depths.

As with anything, the difficulty is in the first steps. It is hard to decide to feel grateful when you look around and don’t have much to be happy about or proud of or encouraged by. But I’m here to tell you, there is always something to be grateful about. For example:

I am breathing. 
 I ate today.
 My internet is working.
 I have ________ happy memory.
 My legs work.

You get the idea. If you can find gratitude for what seem to be the tiniest of things, you’ve started the snowball down the hill. Next, you’ll be able to think of more specific things. Then you’ll start attracting/creating even more to be grateful for.

There is a reason Gratitude has become a cliché. It is recommended so often that it just seems trite. But let’s go beyond that initial reaction and dive into actually trying it and then experiencing the massive energetic shifts in offers. And where there are energetic shifts, LIFE shifts follow. You got this. Let us know how it goes!

The artwork found at the top of the blog today is an original from Brilliantly Bri. Be sure to check her out. She is a dear friend, an amazing artist, a bad ass real estate agent and a magical human.

❥ Kristen

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