You Are Not Too Broken To Heal

FEBRUARY! Welcome! Thank you for being here and bringing all your lovey-dovey Valentine vibes. Single, coupled, or other, this is a great month to go all in on the LOVE. In fact, our year-long theme at Pure Impressions is, “What if you just loved yourself more?” Mmm. That’s a feel-good what if. We took off running with that theme last month and got all up in our feelings. This month, our message is, “You are never too broken to heal.” (I feel some awesome new motivational jewelry pieces coming our way too!)

“Broken” is an interesting word. It can leave us with the feeling that something is irreparable, useless, ready for the dumpster. Ok, if you’re talking about a smashed cell phone that might be true. However, as far as humans go, that is never true (unless you’re dead, I suppose). If you are alive and breathing, Love, there is always always always healing to be found, even at the deepest rock bottom.

What does “rock bottom” look like to you? You know, the point at which everything couldn’t possibly get any worse? I hit a health rock bottom a couple years ago. After months of unexplained pain, weight gain, fatigue, and depression, I finally decided to go to the doctor. She was great, gave me vitamins and plenty of adjustments to make. I’m much better now… and I never would have gone to see her until I hit that rock bottom. I would have just continued with life, not feeling great, but also not feeling terrible enough to do something about it.

You see friend, rock bottom is where you decide you will. not. sink any lower. Key words: you decide. Sometimes in despair, it feels as if we’re just floating helplessly down, down, down, and someday we’ll hit a predetermined rock wherever it happens to be. But that’s not it, Sis.

WE actually get to decide where our rock bottom is.

Have you noticed this in yourself and others? For some people, a financial rock bottom would be missing a mortgage payment. For others, it would be three missed payments and an eviction.

For one alcoholic, rock bottom might mean a DUI and a night in jail. For another, it could mean multiple DUIs and losing everything - job, family, friends, and money.

Have you ever watched a friend in an abusive relationship and think it’s unbelievable what she is enduring? Her rock bottom might be different than yours.

Rock bottoms can be big -- like whole life overhaul big. Or they can be small -- like, I dropped my phone one too many times so now I’m getting a more protective case for it. No matter the size, and as unpleasant as they are, they are a good thing. Rock bottoms push us to set boundaries, pivot, and start healing.

Which brings me back to our theme. You are never too broken to heal Love. Never. You might feel that way sometimes and that is more than okay. Lord knows we’ve all curled up and sobbed and wondered how we will ever turn this ship around. We’ve probably even decided to say “F it” and give up a few times. That’s what despair does to us after heartbreak, mistakes, trauma, and loss. It makes us see ourselves as that broken cell phone, never to work properly again. But you are so not. You are a precious, living, breathing human with a heartbeat and breath and a purpose. And you can always heal. I won’t lie and say that it’s easy and fast, but it is often easier and faster than you think. It starts with you deciding that you have found your rock bottom and that you will start swimming upward.

Now I know when you’re right in the thick of it, it’s hard not to feel completely shattered. First of all, as we learned last month: let those feelings move. Don’t try to snuff them or numb them. Feel them. THEN: use a touchstone to bring yourself into the present moment. This could be simply placing your hand on your heart and feeling it beat for a few moments. This could be holding a smooth stone in your hand and rubbing it with your thumb. It could be our newest sterling silver ring that reminds you that you're NOT too broken to heal. 

Once you are grounded and your heart rate has slowed, you can get to work reading or journaling or talking or organizing or cleaning or setting boundaries or whatever your next step is. Ok? (Check our Instagram Highlights for some good journal prompts)

That’s all for now. Make sure you’re signed up for our weekly love letters here. You can also text MAGICHEART to 66866 to sign up as well. Those contain even more conversation around our monthly themes, AS WELL AS updates on all our gorgeous jewelry products. We love this community and we’re so grateful you’re here with us. Happy February and happy healing. ❤️


❥ Kristen

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