Things are  a little crazy out there lately. I realized I have this perfect space to keep everyone updated with how we're handling things here.

First off, let me say that I am SO DANG GRATEFUL for those of you still supporting my shop. I know that not everyone can order right now, and that is so okay. I want you to take care of you, and yours. But for those of you who are still ordering. Thank you. Thank you so very much. Having something to do right now is such a blessing. It's helping me keep a routine, and keep me busy. 

I LOVE that I have shipped out 23 mountain rings in the last week.They are secretly my favorite piece right now. 

Girl wearing mountain ring

I'm trying really hard to keep order processing times between 1-3 days. Depending on the item, that's not always possible, but for the most part it's working out. I haven't heard any rumors of the post office closing, but I want to keep shipping orders while I can, just in case something even crazier happens. 

I have 6" of snow on my back porch this morning, and it's April 3rd.

Anyone that knows me knows that I really dislike winter. How I've lived in Wyoming for the last 17 years is anyone's guess really.I love sunshine and sand and margaritas in the summer. I love sitting on the porch letting the sun kiss my skin and listening to birds chirp. I love rainstorms when it's so hot outside the mixture of the moisture in the air and the heat make your skin feel sticky.
Winter? I do not love it. However, it sure makes this pill of not being able to leave the house, a lot easier to swallow.

Does anyone else feel like we're walking around in a dystonia novel?
Every time I stop to think about what's going on I have a moment of 'How is this real?'. The more I try to answer that question, the more I tell myself we've had it good. We've had it really good for a few generations, with nothing really bad happening. This reminds me that I should be grateful that most of us are holed up in our safe homes,with our families riding this out. 

That's something that's made it in my gratitude journal more than once in the last few weeks. I hope you're finding moments of gratitude in all of this. I write down 5 things I'm grateful for Every. Single. Day. I've been doing this for a little over a year right now, and it's made the biggest difference in my life and my mindset. It's harder to pay attention to bad things if you're finding things you're grateful for. 

Nominate a Friend update:
Tomorrow will be week 2 of nominate a friend. Last week our two winners were Tawni and Kandi. I shipped out some of my favorite stickers, and a Start Today journal to our awesome winners. This week I'll be sending out an I Am cuff, and a Be Brave necklace. 
If you missed the post on Nominate a Friend, listen up. 

Every week until all of this craziness is over, I'm adding a post on Insta during the week. All you have to do is nominate a friend you think could use a little inspiration right now. Tag them in the post, and tell us why you're sending them some light. That's it. You can share it to your story if you want more people in. 

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