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  • How to Begin (and Keep) a Creative Practice

    How to Begin (and Keep) a Creative Practice

    Creativity is good for the soul. We’ve established that already here. Humans have a deep yearning to create. Just look at all the movies, architecture, inventions, and art we’ve come up with throughout the centuries. All because we let ourselves discover and open to the magical powers of creativity. This power isn’t only for seemingly “gifted” or “artistic” people. We’ve all got our gifts. It’s just a matter of learning what they are and how to release them. Enter: Creative Practice. (Note the word practice. Meaning, it never has to be perfect or final. It is a verb and it is continuous.) A creative practice makes space for you to create from your heart. We’ve explained why in our other e-mails and blog this month, so lets just jump right into how to get yours started.

  • Why You Need A Creative Practice

    Why You Need A Creative Practice

    (No Matter How Creative You Think You Aren’t)

    Creativity. For some of us, it comes as naturally as flight to a bird. For others, it can seem rare and elusive. Today, we’re here to argue that everyone (yes, even those of you who don’t feel creative) needs at least one creative practice.