How to Begin (and Keep) a Creative Practice

How to Begin (and Keep) a Creative Practice

Creativity is good for the soul. We’ve established that already here. Humans have a deep yearning to create. Just look at all the movies, architecture, inventions, and art we’ve come up with throughout the centuries. All because we let ourselves discover and open to the magical powers of creativity. This power isn’t only for seemingly “gifted” or “artistic” people. We’ve all got our gifts. It’s just a matter of learning what they are and how to release them. Enter: Creative Practice. (Note the word practice. Meaning, it never has to be perfect or final. It is a verb and it is continuous.) A creative practice makes space for you to create from your heart. We’ve explained why in our other e-mails and blog this month, so lets just jump right into how to get yours started.

Tip #1: Short and Sweet is fine.

You don’t need hours and hours to devote to creativity, especially at first. Think, five minutes of taking cool iPhone photos after lunch, or ten minutes piecing together a fun outfit for an event. My college piano teacher told me I had to practice 2 hours per day on weekdays, and six hours per day on weekends… DON’T be like my college piano teacher! 😂 I hated piano by the time those semesters were over! Keep your creative time short and free. Then, if you have a little extra time some day, spend as much time as you like!

Tip #2: Look for inspiration everywhere.

We live in a gorgeous, colorful world. Composers have written music inspired by bumblebees, thunderstorms, heartbreak, and laughter. Inventors have created products inspired by conversations at happy hour, social media comments, and complaint cards. Interior designers have chosen color schemes based on forests, beaches, and prairies. There is absolutely no shortage of influence in your daily life if you are willing to open up and be inspired. Is your kid grumpy? Make it into a sketch for your stand-up routine. (Even if you only ever perform it in front of the bathroom mirror.) Did you see a flower growing out of a crack in the concrete? Take a picture and write a poignant Instagram post - not for likes, but for your process. Feeling nostalgic about a vacation you went on? Re-create your favorite cocktail or mocktail as fancy as possible. The options are endless.

Tip #3: Remember your “Why”

We’re gonna touch on this one again, because it is so, so important. Creativity is for YOU. Here are some things it is not for:

  • Impressing someone else
  • Increasing your value
  • Distracting yourself
  • Winning someone over

Your creative practice doesn’t care who is watching. It doesn’t care about the mistakes you’ve made – in fact, it can use those for fuel! Your creative practice is about you growing, learning, and releasing. Overall, it should be a source of connection, calm, and fulfillment. If you feel yourself stretching too far, or keeping one eye on your audience, it’s time to re-direct.

Now go forth and create, you beautiful soul! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. ❤️

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