Why You Need A Creative Practice

Why You Need A Creative Practice

(No Matter How Creative You Think You Aren’t)

Creativity. For some of us, it comes as naturally as flight to a bird. For others, it can seem rare and elusive. Today, we’re here to argue that everyone (yes, even those of you who don’t feel creative) needs at least one creative practice.

As we discussed in our e-mail last week (sign up here for those!), creativity can show up in many ways. From the obvious like art, music, photography, filmmaking, architecture, poetry, etc. to the less recognizable, like business plans, interpersonal communication, or even cooking dinner. Your type of creativity doesn’t have to look a certain way or fit into a certain box. We’ll discuss more on how to recognize your type of creativity later this month. For now, we’re ready to make the case that any type of creative outlet is a very healthy thing for all of us.

Self Expression

Have you ever had a difficult time expressing what you mean or how you feel? That is a common frustration. Sometimes words just don’t do us justice. Now think about what you can understand about a person just by noticing how they decorate their living room, or how they dress. There is a saying, “Music speaks what words cannot.” I’ve always agreed with that, AND I think the word Creativity could be substituted for Music. Cooking with extra spices might say, “I’m a little exotic. 😉” Painting with dark colors might say, “I’m angry or grieving.” Nurturing a beautiful flower garden might say, “I love and appreciate the beauty of life!” 

See how it works?

Focused Energy

Next up, a creative practice takes all that frantic energy that comes from existing in this chaotic world and brings it all into a focused activity. Sometimes I can calm myself down just by taking some deep breaths while I artfully fold laundry. Creativity is a cool space to exist where a little bit of skill meets passion. They flow together to create a finished product - whether it be a nicely folded shirt, a piece of pottery, or an organized garage. Entering into that flow state regularly is really good for our overall well-being.

Emotional Release

I know, we’ve written often about how important it is to let your emotions come up and out. We’ll never back down from that. Creating is a fabulous way to release some feelings healthily. Of course, sometimes yelling into a pillow or hitting a punching bag work just fine. However, it can be just as effective as writing a poem or singing along with a rock group at the top of your lungs. I’ve seen people use painting to grieve the loss of a child. It seems like 90% of the songs out there are about romantic love. Whatever your medium, use it as a welcome release for stuff that gets pent up inside.


While your creativity, first and foremost, should be for YOU, a cool thing happens naturally when you commit to it. You become a contributor. That could mean you write a blog that others can read, or you decorate a home that others can live comfortably in, or you invent a new product that hundreds, thousands, or millions of people can use to make life easier. SO many good and beautiful things we have in this world were born of someone making the space to be creative.

Have we convinced you? Creativity isn’t for only an elite group of artists. It is for all of us. We’d go so far to say that it is deep within our human nature. Stay tuned to the blog here and our e-mail list for how to tap into this amazing power in your own life.

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Sheila -
That’s some silliness right there. That sounds like 100% creativity to me.
I hope you share the finished process with us!
Thank you for sharing this, it means the world xox – Laura


Did my comment not post ? Took me forever to write it . Dang :(

Sheila Pizzo

I just wanted to say .. THANK YOU! My husband told me my project I have in the works is NOT being creative at all because I am not hand making everything that’s going on it . But I’m putting it together the way I want it . It took weeks to find the things searching endlessly. I still have a couple of things to get to finish it then I intend to list it on marketplace hopimg to sell it . I think it looks damn good and I’m proud enough of it to put it out there . I appreciate y’all so much you have no idea . Bless you , Sheila T.

Sheila Pizzo

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