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Are Affirmations Magic or Bullsh**?

Affirmations. Some self-help folks swear by them. Critics say they’re a crock of kablooie. So which is it? That depends on how you’re using them.

First of all, what are affirmations?
 An affirmation is a declaration of what is true. Many believe that if a person wants something to be true, they can declare it over and over and it will manifest in their life. For example, a person wanting more money might repeat the affirmation, “I am wealthy. I am wealthy. I am wealthy.” Someone who wants a new job might say, “I work at the job of my dreams. I work at the job of my dreams.”

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Are You Punishing Yourself?

I bought new dishes last month. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was actually kinda important to me. Here’s the story:

When I got divorced almost eight years ago, I felt so guilty and ashamed for wanting to leave my husband that I just gave him everything. 

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