Are Affirmations Magic or Bullsh**?

Are Affirmations Magic or Bullsh**?

Affirmations. Some self-help folks swear by them. Critics say they’re a crock of kablooie. So which is it? That depends on how you’re using them.

First of all, what are affirmations?
 An affirmation is a declaration of what is true. Many believe that if a person wants something to be true, they can declare it over and over and it will manifest in their life. For example, a person wanting more money might repeat the affirmation, “I am wealthy. I am wealthy. I am wealthy.” Someone who wants a new job might say, “I work at the job of my dreams. I work at the job of my dreams.”

 You should be. It’s not quite that simple. I’m not saying affirmations don’t work - in fact, I’ve witnessed them work in my own life! There is a little more to it than just saying words though. In fact, saying the affirmation isn’t even the first step!

How affirmations work
 In order for affirmations to work, they must change our energy. It’s not as woo-woo as it sounds. What happens when someone tells you you’re beautiful? Don’t you stand up a little taller? Get a sparklier sparkle in your eyes? Walk with more confidence? That’s because your energy changed -- and words are what changed it. The person who called you beautiful affirmed your beauty… then you affirmed it even more by carrying yourself differently… and it could go on and on in a cycle!

So. How to make sure your affirmation actually ignites a change of energy? It starts by choosing the right affirmation. And the right affirmation has to be something you can believe in. Sure, you could say, “I’m rich AF!” over and over again. But if you’re struggling to make ends meet, it’s gonna start to feel like a load of crap after not very long. Instead of “I’m rich AF!” how about starting with “I’m open to all good things that come to me.” Could you, if you looked around your life, already find where that affirmation is true? And from that place, could you be excited to receive more?

Here are some more substitutes:

Instead of: “My mom and I get along great now.”
 Try: “I have loving mother figures all around me.”

Instead of: “I am disease-free!”
 Try: “I am getting healthier every day.”

These are not to say that the big grandiose affirmations can’t work! However, you must be able to believe what you are saying. So it’s much better to go in incremental steps. When you can see evidence that your affirmations are true, they will only grow more powerful.

This means you might have to look really hard for good things. If you’re in a particularly difficult stage of life, it might not come easily at first. But start small. Did you find a quarter on the street? Look, the Universe wants you to have money! Did you have the chance to giggle today? The Universe loves to see you happy!

For me, affirmations are more about noticing what already is before you can call something new into your life.

Want to be able to run a marathon? Before that, you’ve got to get excited that you can run a 5k! Lots of people can’t even do that!

Want to grow your business into a 6-figure income? Before that, you’ve got to feel happy that your business pays the bills!

We’ve talked about gratitude before. It plays a huge role in affirmations. In fact, they’re kind of the same thing. (Self-help is tricky like that -- it teaches you the same lesson over and over in different ways.)

So that is a short and sweet essay on abundance.
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We are grateful for you!

❥ Kristen & Laura

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