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What to Buy Your Spouse - Anniversary Gifts

I get a lot of a questions from spouses on what they should buy their spouse when it comes to jewelry. Honestly, I just want to tell them to buy them ANYTHING. We love gifts. We love that you have put the thought and effort into buying us a gift. My husband bought me a piece of jewelry for Christmas this year and said he was SCARED because I make jewelry. I wear the necklace he got me almost every single day I leave the house. My advice? Just buy them the jewelry.

Today, we're going to talk about Anniversary Gifts. 

First Year
As you mark your first anniversary, gold is the traditional jewelry metal. Gold jewelry gives a beautiful reminder of the preciousness of this milestone year. Celebrate with an elegant band to complement their engagement or wedding look – yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all great picks! Or surprise them with something sparkly like a necklace, bracelet or earrings - it's sure to make memories that last forever.

Fifth Year
Shopping for your fifth wedding anniversary should be an exciting, not agonizing experience. So make it easy on yourself by choosing a durable and symbolically significant sapphire - the traditional gift of truth and loyalty. And don't worry about being stuck with boring blue; pick from pink, yellow, peach or green to really show off their personalized style. Whether you go big with a pair of earrings or subtle with just one stone in their favorite shade encased in gold: no doubt they will love this token that celebrates five years together.

Tenth Year
Woohoo, a decade! That calls for diamonds. It's customary to give an eternity band as the 10th anniversary present, but if you'd prefer something else shiny and sparkly...try some diamond earrings or necklaces - anything that'll last through your next ten years together.

Fifteenth Year
Celebrate your love this 15th anniversary with a vibrant ruby. These precious stones are said to embody passion, and they also said to aid in preserving good health - physical or mental! Give them perfect gift of timeless beauty by choosing from an array of earrings and pendant designs made with yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver metals.

Twentieth Year
Celebrate two decades of togetherness with a bright and beautiful gemstone - the majestic emerald. From light, ethereal shades to deep forest-tones, find your spouse an exquisite piece that'll sparkle just like their eyes. Whether it's a bracelet or classic earrings you choose for them – they will love these gems forever.


How to Use Affirmations to Create a Life You Love

Can you imagine what life would be like if we all spent a little time looking inwards, focusing on ourselves and celebrating who we are? It sounds like an ideal world – but it can be achieved through having daily affirmations. Affirmations are encouraging phrases or words that focus us to create positive changes and attitudes within our lives. In this blog post, I'm going to show you how they work and how they can become part of your self-care routine.

The power of positive thinking is an important tool in achieving success and happiness. It helps us to focus our minds, think more clearly and develop the confidence necessary to make our dreams come true. By actively focusing on the good things in life, we can create a more optimistic outlook for ourselves which will help us become more successful in all aspects of our lives.

Creating your own affirmations is a great way to empower yourself and practice self-love. To begin, identify the areas of your life you would like to improve or feel more confident about. When you have identified these areas, start writing sentences that describe how you want to feel about them. Make sure these statements are realistic and achievable, such as 'I am confident in my abilities' or 'I will do my best every day'. Allow yourself to be creative and use vivid language that resonates with you - imagine speaking the affirmations out loud or even recording them on your phone. Additionally, make sure each sentence is written in the present tense, as this will help to create a sense of immediacy and make it seem more attainable. It's also wise to phrase your affirmations positively instead of negatively; avoid words like 'not' or 'can't'. Finally, don't forget to remind yourself of these affirmations regularly either by repeating them out loud or writing them down - this will help ingrain them in your mind so they become second nature over time.

Every month in our subscription box, we send out a new affirmation card for our monthly topic. Our subscribers tell us they love hanging them up on their mirrors, or at their desk at work! Do you use daily affirmations? 
Where do you hang them, or how do you remember them every day? 
Leave us a comment below and tell us! 

The Importance of Self Care

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What Putting Yourself First Looks Like

When you’re feeling stretched too thin, tapped out, or unenthused, it might be time to do a quick life audit. Are you putting yourself first? Or are everyone else’s needs and wants coming before your own? It can start with good intentions, for sure. Many of us were taught that selflessness is a virtue. Unfortunately, that’s turned us into a bunch of people-pleasers who are in desperate need of recovery. 

The problem with people-pleasing is it turns into really unpleasant things inside of us:

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