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  • It Stops Now

    It Stops Now
    How Our Mothers’ Body Issues Became Ours

    As a little girl, I always thought my mother was beautiful. I remember sitting on the edge of the bathtub watching her put her makeup on. She’d fuss with blush and curling irons and tweezers and mascara… and a spritz of perfume to finish it all off. She would dance out the door in her pumps, skirt swinging, teeth white against her bright lipstick... and I was always mesmerized.

  • The Subscription Box is HERE!

    You guys have been requesting a subscription box for years and they're finally here!
  • What is a Normal Body Anyway?

    I have this pet peeve. Actually, sometimes it goes beyond pet peeve right to infuriating. It is when “they” (media, society, advertisers, corporations, other people) try to make you believe that your body isn’t normal. Through both direct and subliminal messaging, you are made to feel that your personal size, shape, color, and landscape all need to be altered or fixed. Honey, it ain’t true. Let’s dig in.
  • Maybe You’re Not Lost

    Maybe You’re Not Lost

    Ever been baffled? Like, all of a sudden, you’re not exactly sure where you’re going, where you came from, or which way is up? If so, you have encountered the wilderness.

  • What If Everything’s A Big Adventure?

    Ok, not to start a blog post by defining a word you already know or anything… 

    Erm, well, fine, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Check out the definitions of adventure: