For the Magic Heart

  • You CAN Make This Up!

    Firefighter --------> Screen Printing company ----------> Home assessor 

     Welder --------> Outdoor gear company owner ---------> Metal artist 

     Financial Advisor ------------> Stay at home mother of 3 

     Shy, quiet wallflower ----------> Teacher ---------> Public speaker 

     School counselor ----------> Aerial yoga instructor 

    ^^This is a small sample of a list I just made in my head. I tried to think of everyone I know who pivoted in life, or re-wrote their story, or took a different road.

  • Spring Cleaning for Life, Part 1

    I got married in 2011. I’m not married anymore but that’s another story. 🤣 I had four bridesmaids on my wedding day. At the time I got married, these four women were the most important women in my life.
  • Why You Should Own Who You Are

    We’re really trying to drive home how important it is to own who you are this month, and here is why: because there is no one like you.
  • The First Step to Finding Yourself

    Core values are to your life as steel reinforcement beams and the solid foundation are to your Florida house on the beach. They give you a strong place from which to live. Once your core values are established, they will influence every decision you ever make. In fact, they will make lots of decisions much easier.
  • Resentment is Heavy

    Ever been hiking? It’s one of my favorite things. Some people love it, some can’t stand it. I don’t need you to be a hiking enthusiast to read this post, but it would help if you can at least conjure up a little hike in your imagination. I’ll help...
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