For the Magic Heart

  • Resentment is Heavy

    Ever been hiking? It’s one of my favorite things. Some people love it, some can’t stand it. I don’t need you to be a hiking enthusiast to read this post, but it would help if you can at least conjure up a little hike in your imagination. I’ll help...
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  • Find Your Power

    The doors open. She glides through with her head high and her gaze steady. The smile on her face is confident, yet calm. Shoulders back, she takes smooth, sure steps.
  • Pivot Into Healing

    You are not too broken to heal. I said it a couple weeks ago and I’ll say it again as many times as I need to. I don’t ever want anyone to give up on themselves because they think they’ve gone too far, lost too much, or f’ed up too badly.
  • You Are Not Too Broken To Heal

    FEBRUARY! Welcome! Thank you for being here and bringing all your lovey-dovey Valentine vibes. Single, coupled, or other, this is a great month to go all in on the LOVE. In fact, our year-long theme at Pure Impressions is, “What if you just loved yourself more?”
  • What to Do With All Those Feelings

    We’ve already covered that feelings are nothing to be afraid of. That might seem strange to hear if feelings have ever led you into a rage or depression. Boy, do I know first hand that those dark places can make our emotions feel like a villain. It can be much more tempting to not go there and numb out.