For the Magic Heart

  • What Self Care Really Means and Where to Start

    “Take care of yourself!” Sounds simple enough, right? For many of us, self care is a complex and even difficult task. If you were raised to put others before yourself, or if you had a traumatic or abusive upbringing, self care - real self care - can feel completely foreign. It goes wayyyyy beyond the prescribed bubble bath and chocolate blogger recommendations that have been all too common in the last few years. So let’s talk about self care for real.
  • Will Journaling Help ME?

    We’ve been going on and on all month about how great journaling is. We really believe it from the bottom of our hearts. But trust us when we say, we were NOT sold on it originally. Journaling seemed like something for, you know, authors or people good with words.

    There is this idea out there that journaling has to be beautiful, or profound, or polished. Believe me when I (loudly) say – NOPE! That is not the case at all. Life is messy. Our journals, if we’re doing it right, should reflect our lives.
  • Journaling: Where to Start

    We’re big fans of journaling at Pure Impressions. BIG. Last week, we sent a love letter to our e-mail list explaining how it became such a huge part of our health routine. 
  • Intentional Living: Stand for Something!

    What do you stand for? The first time I was asked that question, it caught me off guard.

    “Um, me? Gosh, I don’t know. I’m just out here trying to survive!” Honestly, for the early part of my life, I hadn’t ever felt the need to stand for anything – I didn’t have the foggiest idea about intentional living. Sure, I tried to be nice, paid my bills, and considered myself a good person… but no one would say I was based.

  • The Magic of Setting Intentions

    I’d learned in my own life that drifting aimlessly – although it can start out as fun – is no way to get the life you desire. In order to get what you want, you first have to decide and declare what you want! This, friends, is called setting intentions… And there is massive power in doing so.