For the Magic Heart

  • The Magic of Setting Intentions

    I’d learned in my own life that drifting aimlessly – although it can start out as fun – is no way to get the life you desire. In order to get what you want, you first have to decide and declare what you want! This, friends, is called setting intentions… And there is massive power in doing so.
  • The Wisdom of Empathy

    The Wisdom of Empathy

    I’ve been noticing peoples’ faces a lot lately. Not their noses or eyes or other features, but the information that lies underneath it all. Walking through the grocery store, I see a frown or a serious expression and wonder, “Is she just trying to remember everything on her list? Or is she worried about how many groceries she can afford this month?”

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  • Knowledge Speaks; Wisdom Listens

    When was the last time you sat and just… listened? Not to the sounds of cars going by, or the washing machine rumbling, or kids fighting… but to your heart? Or to the heart of another person?
  • Are Affirmations Magic or Bullsh**?

    Are Affirmations Magic or Bullsh**?

    Affirmations. Some self-help folks swear by them. Critics say they’re a crock of kablooie. So which is it? That depends on how you’re using them.

    First of all, what are affirmations?
     An affirmation is a declaration of what is true. Many believe that if a person wants something to be true, they can declare it over and over and it will manifest in their life. For example, a person wanting more money might repeat the affirmation, “I am wealthy. I am wealthy. I am wealthy.” Someone who wants a new job might say, “I work at the job of my dreams. I work at the job of my dreams.”

  • Are You Punishing Yourself?

    I bought new dishes last month. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was actually kinda important to me. Here’s the story:

    When I got divorced almost eight years ago, I felt so guilty and ashamed for wanting to leave my husband that I just gave him everything.