For the Magic Heart

  • Happy May!

    I don't know about you, but May always makes me feel like things are finally coming along in the year. Living in Wyoming, it's like a frozen tundra November-April (and honestly, some of May too) At least when it snows in May, it usually melts the next day. 
  • I Want to Get Out of My Comfort Zone

    I Want to Get Out of My Comfort Zone
    (but I’m too afraid)

    This is an age-old story. We have hopes and desires. We dream about happier days and more fulfilling moments. But we’re stuck in our damn “comfort” zones and we lack the confidence to do anything about it. We talked last week about how important confidence is in our lives. Today, let’s talk about one of the biggest enemies of confidence: fear.

  • Why Confidence is important

    Why Confidence is Important
    (and how not having it affects our lives)

    Confidence is feeling assured that you are capable of handling whatever comes your way. It is, essentially, faith in yourself. For some of us, it doesn’t come easily. Some people’s confidence issues began in childhood with overly strict parents or teachers. 

  • Happy April!

    Hi friends, Laura here.
    I thought maybe we'd try to do a monthly breakdown each month, so you know what's happening. Because honestly? Things are getting a little crazy around here, and I know it's super hard to keep track of.
  • When Self Care Isn’t Helping

    We’re still rollin’ with the self care train this week. We believe that your #1 priority should be YOU! Not in a selfish, narcissistic way. But in a way that leaves you healthy, refreshed, and excited to show up for this life. Other people will take as much as we let them. Therefore it’s up to us to look out for our own needs first. We went into detail about what exactly self care means and how to get started in our last blog post. That would be a good place to start if this is all new to you.